Gentle Parenting


As adults, we work so hard to appear strong and over protect our feelings, which leads to being defensive rather than constructive, hurtful rather than meaningful, and shame rather than empathy. So much of how defensive we are come from how we were brought up. 
I strongly believe that the connection between child and parent should always be an open communication. It should not be authoritarian. It should not be a dictatorship. And I may go thru hell days and years with my children, but I strongly believe in gentle, positive, and mindful parenting. 

Some times O wants to play. Some times he wants to clean up. Some times he wants to whack things and throw stuff. And some days, he just likes to sit and cuddle up. But seeing behaviors as bad, rather than condemning him as a naughty kid, and understanding why these behaviors happen, makes a world of difference, for him and me. 

O’s confidence, enthusiasm, EQ, and open mindedness at such a young age are very good indications that gentle parenting works. It teaches empathy as well as responsibility. 

If you haven’t tried , and have read up to this point, take a few more minutes to read this lady’s journey. It is mind blowing, eye opening and stress relieving. I share bc I care. 👍☺