What does being a parent mean to you?


I know the original video says that this video is for special needs children…while I don’t want to undermine the term “special needs children,” we should all remember that every child has special needs. No two children are the same, no two humans are the same. Growing up is a painful and scary adventure, try to be kind to your child. 

Watch the video. All these advices apply to everyday life as a parent. When you can get to your children’s level and see how important something not important is, you are being a parent. When you imagining a pirate ship sailing across your living room and knocking over anything that’s everything, you’re being a parent. When you’re hugging them after a tantrum because who doesn’t have bad days, you’re being a parent. When you’re frickin tired and you just wanna crash, but their glistening eyes invite you to another game of bumper cars, that’s parenting. When you’re humming that annoying nursery rhyme without the kids around, you’re being a parent. 

I am an advocate for non-traditional, logical, gentle, positive and mindful parenting.