Top 10 Baby & Toddler YouTube Channels 


I’m not here to debate anyone about allowing children to have screen times. We allow it in our homes, but you do what’s comfortable to you.

Here are the best videos we have found:

  1. SuperSimpleSongs – this one is our favourite. Catchy tunes, vibrant colors and there is no empty commands (doesn’t tell your kid “good job” even if they don’t do anything).
  2. LittleBabyBum – Focuses mainly on nursery rhymes, and has adorable graphics.
  3. Badanamu – fun and funky music, upbeat and does their own original songs. This will definitely get your little ones up and moving!  Here’s one of my son’s favorite that gets him dancing and jumping around:
  4. PinkFong – lots of cars, animals, and dinosaurs. Catchy tunes and original content. Another one of our favorites.
  5. Gigglebellies – everything is rainbows and unicorns with the Gigglebellies. Lots of animals and nursery rhymes.
  6. Blippi – for older kids and those who like cars and toys. My toddler loves him; he is funny and fun. Some music, some cartoons. Mainly humans and real world examples.
  7. Dave and Ava -Very cute bubbly cartoons. They have enough a lot of content and try to make their own stuff. Music is also pleasing.
  8. ABCKidTV – personally my favorite in terms of artistic. The colors and graphics are great to me. My son likes this channel because they have content others don’t – like older classics.
  9. BabyJoyJoy – cute and fun take on nursery rhymes. They use bright neon colors and I think that attracts the viewers. My son’s favorite is linked.
  10. MotherGooseClub – very colorful and we like this because it switches between cartoons and humans.