Body image issues have long existed. Not because of electronics or selfies, but because of the people that surround us. 

Some call it rude, mean or inconsiderate – learn the right term: toxic. If you surround yourself with toxic people, your mind will become toxic. Your inner voice is your sanity – protect it. 

Toxic parents, and friends, will continuously bring you down. They’ll tell you you’re ugly, stupid, fat, mean, selfish, sensitive, etc. This is emotional abuse. 

Young people are being treated left and right for depression. Why? It’s because of toxicity.  

Criticism is never out of love… Like, ever. 

Toxic parent: you’re fat. Lose some weight. 

Gentle parent: have an apple or a banana – we don’t have any more chips and junk food. They’re really not good for you. I’ll have an apple, you?  
Toxic parent: you have to do what I say or I’ll disown you. (Parent to adult child) 

Gentle parent: I’m here if you need some advice, you are old enough that I trust your judgment. 
Toxic parent: you’ll never be able to do anything with your life.

Gentle parent: no one can be good at everything but with hard work, we can all accomplish anything.