To the Walmart Dad


“I’m sorry I won’t do it again” the little voice was heard sobbing and pleading in Walmart. By now, you have seen this story all over the news.

Maybe we’re not seeing things through the father’s eyes. Maybe she was picking out from garbage or eating stuff off the ground or whining incessantly?  Maybe he has asked her nicely but she simply refuses to do what’s asked. Maybe she’s been pushing his buttons all day, all week? Maybe she’s just a brat.

The truth is, it is never okay to treat another human being that way. 

Saying this is child discipline is a ridiculous claim. The child is harmed physically, emotionally and psychologically. She will forever be replaying this instance in her mind because our memories are only made up of the worst and best. Everything in between is important but shapes us subconsciously. These extreme moments – these are the ones we’ll live to tell and re-tell. 

If your child doesn’t listen to you, it’s your fault. If your child can’t connect with you, it’s your fault. If your child is mean or bratty or just disrespectful, it’s your fault. 

Children are mirrors, they reflect what you show them. If you discipline your child through fear, they will obey – but plot against you, quietly, secretly, until they are old enough, strong enough and brave enough to raise their own hands to you. If you discipline with threat, they will be conditioned to do what’s asked of them because you said so and only until they can look you in the eye and say, “no, I’m not doing that, what are you going to do about it?” Because you will run out of threats and those threats will lose power.  If you teach your child that they should be ashamed of their feelings and of themselves, don’t be surprised when you’re old, sick or sad and all you get is them saying “man up, figure it out, stop being a wuss.” 

You want your child to love you? Love them. You want them to respect you? Show them why you should be respected. You want them to be calm, collected, and confident? YOU need to first be that way. 

This little girl’s plight inside of Walmart went viral… But millions and millions of parents worldwide are treating their children this way, why are we only standing up for them now? Don’t act based on how uncomfortable a public incident makes you, be part of the movement and spread awareness about gentle parenting.  Because gentle parenting invokes gentle and mindful living 

Help make the world a better place through gentle parenting. Love starts at home.